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Automotive Window Tinting

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Automotive Window Tint Specialist Near Newport Beach

Have you ever experienced that intense, suffocating heat coming through your car window? Well, The Tint Pros have the perfect solution! Our professional tinting services in Newport Beach can reduce the amount of solar energy entering your vehicle and keep you cool all summer. With over four decades of experience in providing quality window tints, we ensure that you won’t have to endure any more hot rides this season. Get a tint today and enjoy driving again with comfort!

At The Tint Pros, we strive to be the superior tint shop near Newport Beach. Our team is well-equipped with years of expertise and skill to meet all your window tinting desires utilizing only Llumar films; a prestigious brand that’s known for reducing heat levels while safeguarding against ultraviolet radiation from the dangerous solar rays. You can feel confident knowing that each service provided by us is tailored towards complete customer satisfaction!

We understand that the right window tint is essential for your car and have a wide selection of options available to suit any budget or aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for something luxurious like our Pinnacle grade tinting, or would prefer an economical Classic option – rest assured that whatever it is you need from a window tint, we’ve got something perfect just for you!


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Benefits of Window Tinting Your Car?

Automotive window tinting is a fantastic way to make your car more comfortable and stylish with its many advantages. Not only does it help block out uncomfortable glares and dangerous UV rays, but it also keeps the interior temperature of your vehicle cool – making for an enjoyable ride! Here are some wonderful benefits that come along with automotive window tinting:

Block Out Up To 99% Of UV Rays
Protect yourself from the damaging effects of UV radiation by tinting your windows – blocking up to 99% of those hazardous ultraviolet rays. Window film can help preserve and protect both your skin and eyes for years to come.

Minimize Glare & Reflections

Driving in bright conditions can be uncomfortable, and visibility is usually diminished due to glare and reflections. Fortunately, applying tinted window films will reduce those effects, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable driving experience while improving your visibility!

Enhanced Security and Privacy 

Window tinting films not only provide privacy, but also a heightened level of security for your vehicle. These protective films establish an additional barrier against potential intruders or vandals, as it’s much harder to break into the car when all windows are covered with window film. Make your car more secure and rest assured that you have extra protection from thieves!

Improve The Look Of Your Car

If you want your car to look sleek and stylish, then car window tinting is the ideal solution for you. With a variety of shades and tints available that can match any style or color scheme, achieving the dream automobile of yours will be just a few steps away! Window tinting makes it easy to amplify your ride’s aesthetic with minimal effort.

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Automotive Window Tinting in Newport Beach

We A Range Of Automotive Window Tinting Options in Newport Beach

Are you looking for quality window tinting services near Newport Beach? Look no further than The Tint Pros! We understand how important your vehicle is to you, which is why we are committed to providing superior customer service through our extensive selection of tints customized for all types of vehicles.

Classic Window Tint

Transform the look and privacy of your car with our unique color-stable construction film. This product is essentially a great way to enhance the exterior appearance of your vehicle while protecting it from heat, making it an ideal choice if you’re looking for something aesthetically pleasing without requiring UV protection.

Pinnacle Window Tint

Pinnacle window tint offers an impressive edge against the sun’s heat that traditional metal or dye-based films can’t match. Its nanoscopic particles keep out intense rays while being non-reflective, so you get to enjoy crystal clear views anytime of day. Additionally, this premium film guards against UV radiation and ensures a cool temperature within your vehicle interior at all times giving you superior protection from the elements every time.

Stratos Window Tint

Stratos window tint provides the ultimate heat and infrared (IR) rejection for your vehicle’s windows. This advanced product also blocks out 99% of UV rays, and all glare so that you can stay relaxed even in glaring sunlight. Additionally, the interior reflectivity rate is low to guarantee a safe driving experience with clear visibility at all times. With this exceptional technology, Stratos window film is sure to be the pinnacle of excellence among car owners everywhere!

Are you seeking an optimal window tinting solution that provides superior performance and keeps your car’s interior safe from damaging UV rays? Look no further than Stratos Window Tint! With extensive expertise in the industry, their premium window tints offer top-of-the-line defense against sun damage. For unmatched protection inside your vehicle, choose Stratos Window Tint today!

Experienced Automotive Window Tint Installers

If you want absolute excellence in window tinting, you can’t go wrong with The Tint Pros. Our highly-experienced technicians use first-rate films and cutting-edge techniques to ensure an impeccable outcome every time. We guarantee that your vehicle windows will be completely protected against rays and other environmental damage due to our precision-cut film! With us, there won’t be a single unprotected inch!

Make a secure investment in your vehicle with our lifetime warranties on window tints and ensure it stays protected and breathtaking for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Window Tint

At The Tint Pros, we often get asked many questions about automotive window tinting. Here are some of the most common questions:

With window tinting, you can expect a considerable amount of glare reduction. Not only will these tinted films block the sun’s rays and keep your car interior cooler, but they’ll also reduce reflections on your windshield so that you can drive with maximum safety and clarity. Make sure to install window tint if you want to benefit from all these features!

If you maintain your window tint properly and under favorable environmental conditions, it will last up to 8 years. With The Tint Pros though, you don’t have to worry about the quality of their product because they offer a lifetime warranty on any issues that may arise with it – so rest assured knowing its protection is long-lasting!

To guarantee that your window film stays securely on the glass, it’s best to wait around 2-3 days after installation before rolling down your car windows. Opening them too soon can cause the tinting material to come off prematurely, so hold out until at least 48 hours have gone by!

Our expert window tinting technicians are experienced and knowledgeable in film installation, so you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle will be professionally decorated within 2-4 hours (depending on the make and model). Thanks to our vast industry experience, we guarantee a top notch job with the efficient application of car’s window tints.

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