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Our Terms & Conditions


The Tint Pros reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.


The Tint Pros is not responsible for valuables left in cars, pre-existing damage, custom accessories, non-factory parts, altered or modified vehicles, electric antennas that do not retract. Truck beds must be empty and clear of debris. The Tint Pros is not responsible for lockouts caused by security alarms. Please turn off your alarm. All prices for services are subject to additional charges. All results and prices are based on the type, size, and condition of your vehicle. Prices subject to change without notice. Not all services are recommended for damaged paint finishes. The Tint Pros is not responsible for any damage claims after vehicle has left the property. EXTRA CHARGES FOR TRUCKS, SUVS, LARGE TRUCKS AND VANS.


Dark, Limo, and Blackout films are considered higher risk films. These films have higher heat absorption rates, and can affect glass temperature and expansion. The Tint Pros cannot be held liable for any broken glass. Dark, Limo, and Blackout films carry no warranty against glass breakage.


A 4′ minimum clearance/access area is required for proper installation, per our & the International Window Film Association standards. This requires the ability to stand directly in front of the glass on the installation side, & step backward a full 4 feet. This length needs to be clear for the entire height and width of the work area. If this access area cannot be provided, written consent for The Tint Pros to climb on, kneel on, or stand on the obstacle must be given.


This is a “Best Match” condition. We have determined the film type listed above to be the best match to the existing film or colored glass, based on what could be seen at time of inspection, and films we have reasonable access to. It will not be an exact match.


Estimates based on CLIENT’S SIZES: film will be ordered and cut based on client’s provided sizes. Discrepancies discovered onsite can result in change order for new materials, trip and labor. Client will be charged for any pre-ordered film, materials, preparation, labor and/or restocking fee (20%). Please Verify sizes before signing estimate.


Exterior installation of window film is at the mercy of weather conditions. The Tint Pros will only install window film during acceptable weather conditions. Rain, wind, dew, humidity, etc. will limit installation time options.


Applying window film does not 100% stop fading. Window film can reduce the rate at which fading occurs, but will not stop it completely. Fading is the naturally occurring deterioration of materials over time.


Installing window film requires a blade distance between film & frame; required gap is called a “light gap”. The Light Gap, will be visible on all 4 sides of each pane. You will see the light gap, the gap is required for installation.


Window coverings are a custom order. Coverings are ordered and cut specific to job size and client selection; they cannot be re-used. Orders canceled after estimate approval, will still require payment for pre-ordered materials, preparation labor and/or trip. Additional trips, materials or other add-ons, will be estimated as a separate Change Order. By signing this document you agree to these terms. Please verify all information before signing.


The removal process is a type of scraping and/or cleaning to remove professionally adhered window film from sensitive glass surfaces. The Tint Pros will not be held liable for scratches or imperfections in the glass, or glass breakage, due to the nature of this service. The Tint Pros is a professional business; the requested service will be performed to the highest standards possible.


This film works for heat absorption but is not manufactured specifically to prevent turf and plants from burning. There is no guarantee from the manufacturer of the film or The Tint Pros that these qualities are going to completely stop the burning from glass reflection. It is our experience that it tends to greatly reduce the reflectance and heat that burns plants and/or turf.


Seam required due to glass height and/or width being larger than manufactured film roll width.


Water must be used in the installation of window film. It is applied with a spray bottle, or pressurized spray canister. Please let The Tint Pros know of, or remove from the work area, anything that may be sensitive to water. The Tint Pros cannot be held liable for any water damage that occurs during the normal installation procedure. The contact of water with anything other than the glass will be limited as much as possible.


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Warranty Protection Program

As Your LLumar Select Pro Dealer, Vista And FormulaOne High Performance Films Are Protected By National Manufacturers Backed Warranties. The Warranty Guarantees You Will Never Have To Worry About Difficulties Of Film Bubbling, Peeling, Fading, Delaminating, Cracking Or Changing Color. These Warranties Are Validated By Installation From Llumar Select Pro Dealers In The United States.