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Professional Car Window Tinting in Newport Beach

The Tint Pros offers the highest-quality car window tinting in Newport Beach, central to both locations and installed by experienced technicians using the best products in the market.

Here are some features of our professional tint shop in Orange County:

Pro Custom Window Tinting

Well-installed films will enhance the comfort and style of your ride while protecting the interior and passengers from the harmful effects of the sun. We have a variety of tint options, including ceramic, metalized, dyed, clear and formula one window tints.

If you’re not sure what’s best for your needs, just talk to us! We’ll ask all the right questions to ensure that you’re getting the features that work best for you. Our pro custom window tinting solutions are available for vehicles of every shape and size.

Durable and Made to Last

Our professional tint shop in Orange County uses only the best materials for our installation. As a Llumar Select dealer, we have access to the highest-performing films in the industry, regardless of their variations or installed configurations.

When it comes to car window tinting in Newport Beach, quality assurance is an essential part of the business. Llumar’s warranty protection program guarantees you won’t have to worry about difficulties that are common with substandard installations— bubbling, fading, peeling, delaminating, cracking or changing colors.

Get Started With Pro Custom Window Tinting

You can’t go wrong with The Tint Pros’ custom window tinting. Our superior products, top-tier installation and expertise in the industry speak for themselves. We aren’t limited to just tints, either. We have a number of vehicle-enhancing services like car wraps, PPF and automotive graphics with the same guarantee for quality and longevity.

We also have commercial and residential films available for a variety of safety, security and protective purposes.

View your options for car window tinting in Newport Beach, or request a quote to get started.



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