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Car Wraps

Leading wrap shop in Huntington Beach for all your color change car wrap needs. Choose from thousand of different colors and finishes today. 

Leading Car Wrap Near Huntington Beach

Are you looking for car wraps near Huntington Beach, California? The Tint Pros is the best option for your needs! Our experts specialize in customizing cars with unique and spectacularly designed wraps. Want to make a statement on the road or stay more subtle? Either way, our team has got it covered! We provide high-quality car wraps that are guaranteed to last through any weather condition.

We proudly provide the absolute best vehicle wraps available on the market, from full and partial car wraps to custom spot graphics and decals. No matter which wrap you select, your car is sure to turn heads with its unique look and vibrant design. With our unwavering dedication to providing superior quality products, we guarantee that each of our customers will be satisfied with their new ride!

If you’re looking for a reliable car wrap service near Huntington Beach, give us a call today at The Tint Pros! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about car wraps and how we can help make your car look unique! Contact us now to get started on creating the perfect car wrap design for you! 


For more information or to schedule service, call us at (949) 832-6883 or click the button below to contact us online.

Top Rated & Experienced Vehicle Wrap installation

At The Tint Pros, our team of vehicle wrap installers are highly experienced professionals with many years in the industry. We understand that taking time and paying attention to detail is important when it comes to installing wraps on vehicles – no corner is ever left untucked! That’s why we guarantee unmatched precision and quality every single time.

If you’re looking for a reliable vehicle wrap installer near Huntington Beach, California – look no further than The Tint Pros! Our experienced team of installers have years of experience under their belt and strive to guarantee the best quality wraps possible. We take our time with each car to make sure all details are properly tucked away and that every vehicle is given unmatched attention to detail. 

If you want the best car wrap design, then don’t settle for anything less than a perfect transformation. The Tint Pros offer top-notch vehicle wrap installation – guaranteed to make your ride look incredible! Reach out today and let us begin crafting your dream car wrap together!

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Different Types Of Car Wraps We Offer in Huntington Beach

The Tint Pros are your go-to source for all car wraps near Huntington Beach, whether you’re searching for something fashionable and eye-catching or more traditional. We use premium materials to guarantee that your wrap will appear beautiful and last a long time! Our specialists offer full or partial vehicle wraps, spot graphics, decals and much more – so whatever style you desire is available here.

Color Change Vehicle Wraps

At The Tint Pros, you can realize the car transformation of your dreams with our full-vehicle color wrap services. With over thousands of colors and finishes to choose from in industry-leading vinyl material, we have the perfect solution for whatever look that suits your fancy – be it a classic matte finish or something more vibrant like a gloss or chrome! Make an unforgettable statement on the road today with The Tint Pros! 

Partial Vehicle Wraps

If you’re looking to customize your car without committing to a full wrap, then partial wraps are the perfect way for you! With our team of professionals by your side, we can help bring any vision that you have for customizing part of your car into fruition. From stripes and graphics all the way down to text – no matter what look or feel you’d like on specific parts of your vehicle, our partial wraps will make it happen quickly and easily!

Custom Graphic Vehicle Wraps

Make the ultimate statement with our custom graphic vehicle wraps. Our team of professionals are ready to collaborate with you in creating a design that accurately reflects your brand or personality and bring it into fruition on your car. Utilizing modern printing technology, we provide colors that will dazzle onlookers and designs sure to turn heads as they drive by – guaranteeing your vehicle stands out from the crowd!

Commercial & Fleet Vehicle Wraps

For businesses in Huntington Beach, vehicle wraps are an essential tool for promoting your brand and services. Here at The Tint Pros we provide commercial vehicle wraps that turn your fleet of cars into a rolling billboard – sure to make an impression on potential customers! Our wrap designs are eye-catching and memorable, making it easier for new customers to recognize and remember your business. We make sure that our wraps are durable and built to last – so you can rest assured knowing your cars are in good hands.

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Different Vehicle Wrap Finishes We Offer

At The Tint Pros, we know that style is important. That’s why we provide a wide array of finishes to choose from for your car wrap – matte or gloss, chrome or something unique! Whatever your choice may be, rest assured that you’re getting only the best quality materials and advanced methods utilized in every process. Your vehicle will look amazing with its new finish while being able to withstand any wear-and-tear over time. 

Gloss Finish

Transform your car with The Tint Pros’ gloss vehicle wraps! With thousands of available color options, you can easily choose a wrap that expresses who you are and what makes you unique. Whether it be for aesthetic or practical purposes – glossy finishes will ensure your ride stands out from the crowd and truly make an impression. 

Matte Finish

For those seeking a sophisticated look for their vehicle, we offer matte finishes on our car wraps. We understand that everyone wants something different; so to accomplish this, we have an extensive collection of shades and hues available so you can customize your wrap with the perfect color to match your car’s personality!

Satin Finish

When you’re looking to revamp your ride with a classy look, The Tint Pros offers stunning satin vehicle wraps. Our luxurious satin finish gives cars an alluring sheen that is more visible than matte finishes – perfect for car owners who want to impact passersby and make heads turn! Whether it’s the color or texture of our wrap, the visual appeal won’t go unnoticed. 

Chrome Finish

If you’re looking to upgrade your automobile with a touch of glimmer and captivating colors, our chrome car wraps are the ideal solution. We use only state-of-the-art materials that will stand the test of time so you can be sure your chrome wrap will look great for years. And since these wraps offer vibrant shades that promise to make an impression, how could it not? 


Make a bold statement with our extraordinary iridescent vehicle wraps! Our stunning shades of metallic and pearl finishes will be sure to draw attention. With such an array of colors available, you can find one that precisely reflects your car’s style – allowing for true eye-catching radiance. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, choose your perfect hue today!

Frequently Asked Vehicle Wrap Questions

Have you been wondering about car wraps, but don’t know where to begin? At The Tint Pros, we get asked countless inquiries on the subject. In response, here are a few of the most popular questions people have for us. 

Owning a car wrap is an incredible way to express yourself and stay unique. But, how long will it last? At The Tint Pros, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality vinyl so that you can enjoy your car wrap for years! With proper care and maintenance of your vehicle, such as avoiding direct sunlight exposure whenever possible, most wraps should remain vibrant for around 3-5 years.


Absolutely, a wrapped car can be washed with care. Hand washing is the most suitable option to ensure that no pressure or abrasive materials harm the wrap. Additionally, you may also bring your vehicle through an automated brushless car wash but take caution as some cars washes use too much water pressure and brushes which could damage the wrapper. For best results, utilize gentle cleaning products along with a soft cloth for wiping away dirt and grime from surfaces of your ride!

Absolutely not! Car wraps, in fact, can actually be a shield for your car’s finished paint job. With The Tint Pros’ special tools and materials, we make sure that our vehicle wraps are simple to apply and remove without any harm on the paint of your ride. So with this option, you don’t have to pay for expensive customization or go through all the trouble – just get wrapped up instead!

Depending on the size, materials and complexity of the design, most vehicle wraps can be completed within 2-4 days. To guarantee that your wrap is given our full attention and to ensure an efficient timeline without any delays, it is important to book in advance so we have enough time for ordering supplies and starting work.

The Tint Pros know that the quality of your car is important to you, so we always use the highest-grade vinyl materials for our full color wraps. Starting at $3,000 and adjusted according to size of vehicle and material used – no shortcuts are taken here! We take pride in making sure every installation job is done with precision and care so it can last for years on end. If you’re interested in giving your car a new look, reach out today for an accurate price quote!

Our Recent Vehicle Wrap Projects

At The Tint Pros, we take great pride in the opportunity to wrap an expansive selection of automobiles from partial wraps to custom graphic designs. Our proficient team has been fortunate enough to work with a variety of vehicles including both personal cars and trucks as well as commercial fleets.

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