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Vehicle Wraps in Costa Mesa

Leading wrap shop in Costa Mesa for all your color change car wrap needs. Choose from thousand of different colors and finishes today. 

Vehicle Wraps & Color Change Car Wraps Near Costa Mesa

If you’re in the Costa Mesa, California area and require car wrap services, your sea rch ends here with The Tint Pros! Our vehicle wraps in Costa Mesa not only protect your car but also add a unique look that’s specialized for you. We specialize in stripes, checks, decals – or full-on wraps; whatever best suits your style! 

Utilizing superior quality materials to craft each design helps ensure the longevity of our vehicle wrap projects. Plus we make sure every detail is just right by working closely with each customer until satisfaction is reached. Look no further for reliable and durable car wrapping expertise – visit us at The Tint Pros today!

Car wrapping is the perfect way to express your creative side without breaking the bank. If you’re a car enthusiast, or just an everyday driver looking to change up your style, look no further than our top-of-the-line car wraps!  We offer a wide range of colors and styles for your personal preference, such as matte finishes and iridescent car wraps. Our team is dedicated to making sure you get the perfect wrap that best suits your needs. Get ready to show off your ride with professional grade car wrapping services from The Tint Pros in Costa Mesa! 


For more information or to schedule service, call us at (949) 832-6883 or click the button below to contact us online.

Vehicle Wraps in Costa Mesa

Professional Car Wrap Installers in Costa Mesa

Our team of installers have years of experience installing vehicle wraps and offer the highest attention to detail to ensure they provide the highest quality installation. Whether you’re looking for a full wrap or decal, our experienced technicians will make sure it’s perfect down to every last detail. 

If you’re in Costa Mesa or nearby areas and would like to learn more about our car wrapping services, feel free to contact us at The Tint Pros today! We look forward to helping your vehicle stand out from the crowd with our creative and stylish car wraps. 

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Different Vehicle Wraps We Offer in Costa Mesa

If you’re looking for the perfect car wrap, come to The Tint Pros! With our experts on hand helping you find something edgy or elegant, we offer it all – full and partial wraps, spot graphics, decals…you name it. We prioritize quality control by only using top-grade materials that guarantee your vehicle looks stunning beyond just a few months; these amazing car wraps will last years!

Color Change Car Wraps
Transform your vehicle with a color change vehicle wrap! Whether you want something stylish or classic, we have thousands of colors and finishes to choose from. Our 3M & Avery Dennison materials allow us to offer gloss, matte, carbon fiber and even chrome wraps – the possibilities are endless! 

Partial Car Wrap
Partial wraps are the perfect way to customize your vehicle without changing its entire look.  With partial wraps, you can add graphics, stripes, and text to specific sections of your vehicle. Get creative and let your personality shine through with our partial vehicle wrap services! 

Custom Graphic Vehicle Wraps
Express yourself with our custom graphic wraps! We have you covered from start to finish; from the design concept to execution, we’ll make sure your wrap is unique and visually stunning.  You can also add in your own text or logos for an even more personal touch.

Commercial & Fleet Vehicle Wraps

We also specialize in commercial and fleet vehicle wraps for businesses in the Costa Mesa area. Whether you need to wrap a single car or an entire fleet, our skilled wrappers have the expertise and experience necessary to design and apply wraps that make your business stand out from the competition. Get noticed with custom graphics, logos, text, and more!

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Choose From Various Vehicle Wrap Finishes

Give your car an incomparable look with The Tint Pros’ wrap finishes! Our array of options –ranging from matte and gloss to chrome– allows you to find the ideal style that complements you. We only utilize top-of-the-line materials and innovative methods on our wraps, providing a visual imbued with brilliance yet durable enough for longterm wear.

Gloss Finish Car Wraps
Gloss car wraps are the perfect choice for those who want a subtle yet stylish look. Gloss wraps come in various shades and colors that give your car an eye-catching shine. If you are looking to make a bold statement, customizing your car with a glossy vehicle wrap is the perfect way to do it. With thousands of colors and hues available, you can create something unique that represents your style and personality.

Matte Finish Car Wraps
For a more sophisticated look, consider matte car wraps. Matte finishes give your vehicle a smooth, velvet-like texture that adds depth and dimension to any color you choose. We offer a variety of different shades and hues so you can get the right color that best matches your car’s personality. 

Satin Finish
If you’re looking for a sleek and modern look, try out satin vehicle wraps! Satin finishes provide a subtle sheen that is sure to make your car stand out from the crowd. The Tint Pros has plenty of shades and hues to choose from so you can create something truly unique. 

Chrome Finish Car Wraps
To give your vehicle a truly luxe look, chrome wraps are the way to go. Chrome finishes offer a high-shine reflective surface that is sure to get you noticed. Whether you’re looking for something bold or subtle, we have just what you need to make your vehicle shine! 

Iridescent Finish Car Wraps
Give your vehicle an unforgettable look with our iridescent vehicle wraps. Iridescent wraps produce a mesmerizing rainbow-like effect that moves with the changing light and will surely have heads turning. We offer various shades and hues to match your style and personality in Costa Mesa. 



Frequently Asked Questions AboutVehicle Wraps

At The Tint Pros, we often receive inquiries about car wraps. To help answer some of the most frequent questions, here is a list:

Typically, vehicle wraps can last at least 3-5 years with proper care and maintenance. The longevity of a car wrap also depends on how you maintain your car and if you leave it in direct sunlight often. At The Tint Pros, we use only the highest quality vinyl to ensure our customers get the maximum life from their car wraps. With regular care, you can enjoy your car wrap for many years to come.

No, we do not recommend using wax or other coatings on vehicle graphics. Washing your car with a vinyl wrap is fine; in fact, the best choice for vehicle wrap care is a touch-less car wash. If you utilize brush car washes (depending upon the frequency and quality of brush) this may cause some dulling/scratching/lifting of the edges.

The price of a car wrap will vary depending on several factors, including size, complexity and design. For detailed pricing information, please contact us directly to get an estimate for your specific project.

No, a vehicle wrap will not damage the paint on your car. In fact, when you remove your wrap, the original paint will remain in the same condition as before it was wrapped.

Wash your car with a vinyl wrap the same way you would wash any other vehicle. The best choice for vehicle wrap care is a touch-less car wash — no brushes or cloths are needed. Utilizing brush car washes, no matter how often or what quality brushes you use, can dull and scratch the edges of your vehicle’s finish. In some cases it can even lead to lifting along the paint job’s edges.

Our Most Recent Car Wraps We've Worked On

At The Tint Pros, we are honored to have the opportunity to wrap a wide range of vehicles from partial wraps to custom graphic wraps. Our skilled team has extensive experience working with both personal cars and trucks as well as commercial fleets.

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