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Paint Protection Film & Clear Bra

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Paint Protection Film & Clear Bra Specialists Near Orange County

Are you searching for paint protection film and clear bra services in the Orange County area? Look no further than The Tint Pros. We have years of experience installing paint protection films, including XPEL paint protection films, to cars and other vehicles. Our paint protection films provide a durable barrier against rocks, bugs, dirt, sand and road debris that can damage the paint and cause paint chips.

We only use the highest quality paint protection films to ensure they are easy to clean, scratch-resistant and highly durable. Our XPEL paint protection film is virtually invisible once installed, so you don’t have to worry about it detracting from the beauty of your vehicle. Additionally, these paint protection films offer ultimate paint protection that won’t yellow or discolor over time.

The Tint Pros offers paint protection film and clear bra services to customers throughout Orange County and the surrounding areas. From paint correction to paint protection, we have everything you need for the perfect paint job on your vehicle. Contact us today for more information about our PPF Wraps today.


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Different Types Of Xpel PPF Wraps We Offer

At The Tint Pros, we offer a variety of paint protection films and clear bra services for you to choose from. You can choose from two different paint protection film finishes – clear or stealth. Our clear paint protection film provides a glossy finish that gives your vehicle an extra layer of shine, while our stealth paint protection film provides a satin finish that gives your vehicle a matte look.

No matter which paint protection film finish you choose, our paint protection films are designed to protect your paint from the elements without changing its color or texture. So you can rest easy knowing that your paint is protected for years to come! Contact The Tint Pros today for more information about our paint protection services today.

Clear Paint Protection Film

Clear Paint Protection Film in OC

Clear paint protection film is a clear, vinyl film that adheres to the paint of your vehicle and helps protect it from scratches, chips, fading, and more. This type of paint protection film can be installed on any part of your vehicle that needs extra protection- including the hood, fenders, bumpers and door panels. When installed properly, the clear paint protection film will be virtually unnoticeable, and you can enjoy a paint job that looks like new for years to come.

Stealth Paint Protection Film

Stealth PPF Wraps

If you’re looking to make your paint job stand out, then our stealth paint protection film might be the perfect choice for you. This paint protection film turns your original paint color into a satin finish, giving your car a unique and sophisticated look that will get heads turning.

Our stealth paint protection film offers the same level of protection as our clear paint protection film, so you can rest easy knowing that your paint job is protected. Protect your paint from rock chips, bug splatter and fading with the leading XPEL Paint Protection Film from The Tint Pros.

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Our Exterior PPF Wrap Coverage Options

At The Tint Pros, we offer a variety of paint protection packages to fit any budget. Our coverage options range from full-body paint protection films to individual panels and components. No matter what type of paint protection you need, we have the perfect paint protection package for you.

Partial Hood, Partial Front Fenders, Full Front Bumper, Headlights, Mirror Caps

Full Hood, Full Front Fenders, Full Front Bumper, Headlights, Mirror Caps

Full Front, A-Pillars, Door edges, Door Caps

Full Hood and Full Front Bumper

Full Vehicle Wrap

Our Interior PPF Wrap Coverage Options

In addition to our exterior paint protection services, The Tint Pros also offers interior PPF wraps. Our interior PPF wrap services are designed to protect the interior surfaces of your vehicle from UV rays, dirt and debris, spills and more. 

Interior PPF wraps are a great way to keep your interior surfaces looking like new. They also provide an additional layer of protection from dirt and spills, making it easier to clean up messes without permanently damaging your interior surfaces. With interior PPF wraps, you can enjoy the look and feel of a brand-new interior for years to come.

Interior vehicle surfaces are exposed to wear & tear just like your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. In fact, sometimes the interior is worn even harder than the exterior! XPEL INTERIOR PROTECTION restores, renews, and protects the most trafficked areas in your vehicle like the glossy piano black trim, carbon accents, and anything that’s getting scratched between trips.

With touch screens & modern control interfaces becoming the standard, it’s never been a better time for anti-microbial protection. Constant touch can spread germs rapidly. XPEL RX has been specifically formulated to inhibit the growth of microbes on the film’s surface. With RX covering your touch screens, you’re taking INTERIOR PROTECTION to the next level.

Minimal dashes with large accent pieces are stunning for design, but a problem for car care. With INTERIOR PROTECTION from XPEL, the solution is simple. Keep high gloss surfaces like piano black looking scratch free. Give your carbon accents a “dry weave” appeal with STEALTH ™. You can even renew scratched areas with a single ULTIMATE PLUS ™ application. Dashboard protection has never looked or performed this good!

Some of the smallest surfaces can be the trickiest to protect, but we’ve got you covered. XPEL INTERIOR PROTECTION includes everything from small door controls like window switches and mirror toggles, to door trims & even handle cups. Don’t fret about your favorite rings, watches, and other accessories damaging your interior any longer.

What Are the Main Benefits Of Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film in Orange County

Paint protection films offer a wide range of benefits for car owners. These paint protection films are designed to protect against rock chips, airborne debris, bug splatter and more. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect to see from Paint Protection Film.

With paint protection film installed on your vehicle, The main benefits of paint protection film are:

Heat Activated Self-Healing Top Coat

Constructed from an elastomeric polyurethane, XPEL paint protective film will self-heal light scratches & swirl marks with a light heat application to the film’s surface.


Our proprietary film formulation will not yellow from UV exposure, ensuring protected areas are nearly invisible.

Discoloration & Strain Resistant 

Don’t worry about specs, spots, or splotches from contaminants. XPEL paint protection film is stain resistant & will maintain clarity under the harshest conditions.

Protecting Paint From Chipping, Scratching, & Fading

Protect your paint from chipping, scratching, and fading. The PPF film acts as a barrier between the surface of your vehicle and the outside environment- preventing damage caused by road debris and weather conditions.

Protection Without Changing The Look Of Your Car

Designed to blend with the color and texture of your vehicle, so it won’t detract from the look of your car. The film is also virtually invisible and unobtrusive- so you can enjoy the look of your car without changing the look of your vehicle.

Preserves Your Vehicle’s Original Paint

Paint protection films are designed to preserve your vehicle’s original paint. They act as a barrier between the interior of your car and the outside elements, protecting your car from the elements and preserving it’s original beauty.

Protect Against Harmful UVs

Provides an effective barrier against the sun’s UV rays, protecting both exterior and interior surfaces from fading and discoloration.

Easy To Clean & Maintain

With a PPF wrap, all you need to do is wash your car as you normally would- no additional products or treatments are needed. The film also makes it easier to remove dirt, grime and debris from your paint, keeping your car looking like new for longer.

Frequent Asked Paint Protection Film Questions

At The Tint Pros, we understand how important paint protection is for car owners. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about paint protection film to help you understand the process better.

Typically paint protection film will last up to 10 years with proper care and maintenance. This depends on the type of paint protection film you choose as well as the environment where your vehicle is located.

Maintaining paint protection film is easy. You only need to keep it clean and free from debris. Use a soft, non-abrasive car wash soap and microfiber cloth to safely remove dirt and grime build-up.

Yes, paint protection film can go through a car wash. However, it is best to avoid automated brushes or high-pressure water jets as these can damage the paint protection film. Instead, opt for hand washing with a gentle touch using only soft clothes and mild soap.

No, wrapping a car does not ruin the paint. In fact, car wraps can actually provide an extra layer of protection for your paint job. You can easily remove the wrap whenever you’d like without any damage to your paint. At The Tint Pros, we use special techniques and materials to ensure that our car wraps are easy to apply and remove, while also providing optimal protection for your car’s paint job. With vehicle wraps, you can get the look of a custom paint job without the extra cost or hassle!

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Warranty Protection Program

As Your LLumar Select Pro Dealer, Vista And FormulaOne High Performance Films Are Protected By National Manufacturers Backed Warranties. The Warranty Guarantees You Will Never Have To Worry About Difficulties Of Film Bubbling, Peeling, Fading, Delaminating, Cracking Or Changing Color. These Warranties Are Validated By Installation From Llumar Select Pro Dealers In The United States.