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10 Property Privacy Ideas For Your Home

Published on May 20, 2022 by Ana de Guzman (From Redfin Blog)

Privacy is important in anyone’s life, and when it comes to your home, you want your property to serve as a retreat from loud noises and nosy neighbors. There are many ways to add a layer of privacy to your home from fences and shrubbery to window tints and shutters. To help you get started, we reached out to experts to provide you with property privacy ideas perfect for any home. So whether you’re looking to add privacy to your home in Hartford, CT, or Wilmington, DE, read on to see what they had to say.

Opt for a privacy tint for your home’s windows

There are few things more annoying than having your neighbors or people walking by staring through your windows. Closing the blinds or drawing the curtains works, but it also eliminates your view outside. When people think of getting more privacy on their windows without blocking their view, a window privacy tint comes to mind, but there is a much better solution. At night time, the window privacy film turns your windows into a giant mirror, making it hard to see through to the outside. The reflective qualities of the film are now working against you and reflecting back on all your interior lighting. – EZ Snap Innovations Inc.

Customize your property privacy with bamboo stalks

While traditional choices for tall hedging can often require lots of lateral space, Bamboo has a very small footprint – allowing you to precisely place bamboo stalks into your custom-shaped privacy barrier. Clumping Bamboo can grow to towering heights (up to 20 feet) and its thick plush leaf clusters are excellent for both visual privacy and noise reduction. This amazing natural privacy element will dance in the breeze and shimmer in the sun – all while providing the perfect peaceful oasis your outdoor space needs. – VRDigs

Plant a Wax Leaf Ligustrum

Most homeowners want to maintain some level of privacy, whether from nosy neighbors or passersbys. A privacy screen in the form of shrubs can be a great way to achieve this. If you’re looking for a way to add a little privacy to your home, consider planting Wax Leaf Ligustrum. The Wax Leaf Ligustrum is a dense multi-branch evergreen that grows 2ft a year, reaching a height of 10-15ft. – Brothers Landscape Services

DIY a waterproof window film

A simple piece of waterproof window film installed on a kitchen or bathroom window will keep prying eyes out and give you the freedom you expect in your own home. It’s an affordable, easy DIY solution that never blocks the sunlight, yet is as effective as any shade or curtain and much more versatile. Window film can be trimmed to fit only the part of the window that others can see into, allowing you to enjoy the sky and landscape outside 24/7. – Roxie Mae Lackman, Creative Director Stick Pretty

What to consider before installing property privacy ideas

Take into consideration the location, sunlight, climate, noise level, and budget when you’re looking to enhance the privacy of your yard.

A lattice fence covered with flowers can be an attractive and economical addition.

Consider creating a stunning brick wall behind a tiered level of planters, a series of trees close together, or covering wooden fences with vines and other plants to enhance the look of your yard and maintain privacy.

ShrubHub Design Experts

Install a property privacy idea to decrease noise pollution

Beyond visual privacy, many people want privacy from eavesdropping neighbors or noise pollution. To do this, you should consider a water feature. A water feature can reproduce the sounds of nature and create a beautiful focal point in the garden. Water features come in many sizes, shapes, and styles and can be custom-built using a submersible water pump. If a water feature isn’t enough you could add a few wind chimes. This will help drown out all the noise pollution and creates a more private setting for you to enjoy. – Carmel Point Landscapes

Privacy ideas that are not a fence

Strategically placed plants or vertical elements provide a feeling of privacy as well as direct views of the space without a full hedge or fence.

Decorative screens or trellises can provide visual interest and privacy in the landscape without feeling restrictive, especially in a small space.

Brightly painted planters and screens are a fun way to add interest and draw attention away from more private areas of a yard or home.

Film that increases privacy, blocks UV rays, and heat

Tired of your neighbors seeing you in your underwear? Adding window film will reduce visibility inward, while also enhancing the view outward by reducing harsh glare. In addition to stopping any peepers from seeing in or shattering glass, our window film will block 99% of UV rays and reject over 60% of heat, creating a more safe, secure, and comfortable environment for you and your loved ones. – The Tint Pros

Plant easy to maintain plants to increase privacy

Two words: Cedar Laurels. It is affordable, nice to view and environment friendly also easy to maintain. Will definitely help to increase your privacy and overall security. – Tommy Le Lawn and Landscapes



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