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Where to Find the Highest Quality Window Tint in Costa Mesa, CA

Determining the right location for automotive, commercial or residential window tinting is imperative for the longevity and overall quality of the installation. The Tint Pros offers premium window tints in Costa Mesa, CA, specializing in all things applied films regardless of their installed configuration.

Our state-of-the-art technology combined with more than 40 years of experience in the business deems our tint shop in Orange County one of the best in the area.

Here’s why:

Exceptional Products and Services

Whether you’re looking to augment your car, business or residence, our skilled technicians have the experience to provide durable window solutions that can last a lifetime. We use superior products made from the highest-quality materials available. Llumar Select is one of the top-rated tint brands with the best warranty and solar protection.

When you’re considering a window tint in Costa Mesa, CA, choosing the most economical option isn’t always the right move. There are preventable issues that often arise when tints aren’t properly installed. Peeling, defective tints, blurry or hazy windows, noticeable gaps and bubbles are just a few common ones. You won’t have to worry about these complications at our tint shop in Orange County.

More Than Just Window Tints

Our automotive, commercial and residential window tinting solutions are just the tip of the iceberg. We have a number of graphic and decorative films, security and privacy films and other unique solutions for businesses and property. For example, our casper cloaking films can be applied to glass windows in an office space to obscure digital screens from the outside and help keep data secure without sacrificing the open office feel.

Our safety and security films help reinforce vulnerable glass against forced entry or severe weather. They’re shatter and bullet resistant and virtually undetectable, so they won’t obscure or alter your vision. Our unparalleled window and graphics solutions are cost-effective and will enhance the look, feel and security of your business or property.

Contact Us for a Window Tint in Costa Mesa, CA 

Our tint shop in Orange County has two convenient locations— you can call whichever one is closer to you or fill out a quick form for a free project quote.

Whether you’re looking for automotive, commercial or residential window tinting solutions, we have the experience and products to provide the highest quality window solutions available. Check out our monthly deals for discounts and savings.



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