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The Commercial Tint Options Available at Our Tint Shop in Orange County

Opting for a commercial tint can make all the difference in the comfort and safety of your establishment. Whether you’re a property manager or own an office or commercial storefront, protecting your employees and guests should be a top priority.

Our tint shop in Orange County has access to the highest quality films available for a number of different safety and comfort purposes. So whether you’re looking for an expert in Orange County or looking for commercial window tinting near Costa Mesa be sure to contact The Tint Pros today.

Here’s an overview of our flat glass tint options for businesses:

External Commercial Window Tint Options

Commercial tints not only offer enhanced style but also help reduce energy costs and protect your building from natural or man-made occurrences. Our glass security films help strengthen vulnerable windows, protecting them against forceable entry and severe weather. They’re shatter-resistant, bullet-resistant and virtually undetectable.

Our Low-E films are designed to keep the heat in during the winter and out during the summer— they’ll help significantly lower your energy costs over time. The year-round comfort and high light transmission make these films a popular choice at our tint shop in Orange County.

Internal Commercial Tint Options

Whether for decorative or functional purposes, there are a number of internal flat glass tint solutions for businesses. Our Casper cloaking films are ideal in office spaces, as they obscure digital screens from outside the glass.

We also offer customizable decorative and frost films for workspace separation and stylish design. These frost films keep the natural light and support a collaborative office layout while also offering a layer of privacy.

Our decorative wall murals are ideal for enhancing workplace design or promoting products and services. Customize your environment with wall, window or floor graphics to brand your space, enhance company culture and increase productivity.

Select A Commercial Tint

Whatever your circumstances, The Tint Pros’ tint shop in Orange County has decorative and functional tints that are customizable to your needs and preferences. We service all of Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Diego County.

View our commercial flat glass tint services or request a quote to get started.



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