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The Benefits of Window Safety Film for Homes and Businesses

Window safety films offer a relatively inexpensive solution to protect buildings from severe weather, vandalism and forceable entry. Most commercial and residential window tinting companies offer safety films as a strategy to reinforce buildings against external forces.

Landlords and homeowners who want to safeguard their property and residents, and businesses looking to protect employees and decrease overhead spending in case of a break-in can benefit greatly from glass security films.

What Are Safety and Security Films?

Safety and security films are a layer of window coverings that protect buildings from break-ins, accidents, natural disasters and severe weather. Although there are different styles and designs, high-quality security window films are undetectable, shatter-resistant and bullet-resistant.

Made up of tough polyester film layers and sometimes nanotechnology, these thick and durable solutions are perfect for fortifying establishments.

Benefits of Window Safety Films

The most advantageous benefit these films offer is added security, acting as a barrier between the outside world and your interior. Shatter-proof glass is far more difficult to smash through, and if you choose bullet-resistant films, it becomes nearly impossible to break in.

Of course, with added fortification, glass security films impede the effects of natural disasters and extreme weather. In addition to security film layers, commercial and residential window tinting offers added protection from harmful UV rays and acts as energy-saving insulation to keep inhabitants out of direct sunlight and cool in the summer.

The best part of installing security window film— it’s virtually undetectable. Even with the thickest film available, your view of the outside won’t be impeded.

High-Quality Commercial and Residential Window Tinting Solutions

The Tint Pros is an automotive, commercial and residential tint shop in Orange County, offering the highest-quality products and installation available. Our window safety films are designed to strengthen vulnerable glass against forceable entry and severe weather, with shatter and bullet-resistant protection that’s virtually undetectable.

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