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Replacement Windows or Window Films? A Comparison

You might be considering replacement windows for energy efficiency, sun control or safety and security purposes, but did you know flat glass tint offers the same advantages? Here are some key points to note when choosing between replacement windows and residential window tinting in Orange County, CA:

Cost Comparison

The average cost for window replacement in 2022 ranges from $375 to $1,200 per window. Of course, you’re paying for the glass itself, labor and installation— and costs are even higher right now with inflation driving labor and material prices at unprecedented rates.

Residential window tinting, however, typically costs between $320-$900 for the entire project. The final price is determined by the films you choose and the total square footage of the installment. If you’re looking for overall value, it’s best to consider residential window tinting in Orange County, CA.

Installation Time

A typical timeline for window replacement can average anywhere from four to seven weeks, which doesn’t include the consultation and lead time to ensure the proper resources. Some companies can install between 10-15 windows per day, but quick replacement jobs are rare, especially for larger homes.

A flat glass tint job for your home typically won’t take more than an afternoon to complete— of course, this depends on the square footage of your windows, but even complex projects usually don’t take more than a day.

Residential Window Tinting in Orange County, CA

The Tint Pros’ flat glass tint services offer all the benefits of window replacements for a fraction of the cost and installation time. Our high-quality films enhance security, preserve energy and protect against glare, UV rays and other harmful effects of the sun.

Our custom tint solutions are also backed by a lifetime warranty to cover against manufacturer defects— an issue you rarely run into with Llumar films.

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