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Commercial and Residential Window Tinting Solutions

Flat glass window services are used for many purposes— protection, sun control, energy conservation, decoration and branding to name a few. The Tint Pros specializes in both commercial and residential window tinting solutions to enhance and protect any space.

Here’s a rundown of the services we offer:

Protective Window Solutions

In general, commercial and home window tinting can help reduce energy costs throughout the year, acting as insulation, UV protection and heat and glare mitigation. Our low-energy, high light transmission films act as an insulation method, retaining heat in the winter and obstructing the sun in the summer for year-round comfort.

Externally, our safety and security films help strengthen vulnerable glass against forced entry and severe weather. They’re bullet and shatter resistent, although virtually undetectable by the human eye. Our anti-graffiti film works to protect windows from vandalism, with scratch and gouge protection and quick removal that costs a fraction of the cost of window replacement.

Our Casper cloaking films are ideal for internal security, obscuring digital screens from the outside with LED screen-blocking capabilities. Frost films offer separation and privacy, without fully isolating a space. Our commercial and residential tinting solutions offer a variety of options to protect the home from natural or human-induced damage.

Decorative Window Solutions

On the decorative end, we offer custom printed films and wall murals with unlimited design options, cutting-edge creation and professional installation and removal. Our wall murals can add ambiance to any space, with personalized, unique and eye-catching designs— you can even incorporate tone and texture into the decor.

Decorative films can add privacy and charm, without blocking natural light or secluding a space. In the home, they’re often used on shower doors or home offices. Commercial settings use them more frequently on glass doors and walls.

Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, promote company culture, separate an area or enhance the ambiance of a space, our decorative window solutions offer infinite possibilities for any need.

The Best Commercial and Residential Window Tinting Solutions

With locations in Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, The Tint Pros offers the best business and home window tinting solutions available in Orange County. Whatever your flat-glass needs, we can help.

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